Seed Savers Network

The Seed Savers Network was set up in 1986 by Michel and Jude Fanton. Their goal was to provide: Educational programmes for the preservation of open-pollinated (non-hybrid) seeds and the genetic diversity of plant varieties; Non-profit seed exchange programmes; Agricultural and horticultural programmes with particular emphasis on the propagation of open-pollinated plant varieties; Preservation gardens … Read more

Rare Fruit Association of South Australia

The Rare Fruit Association of South Australia promote the establishment of fruits and food plants from the four corners of the globe. They have monthly events including the popular fruit tree grafting workshops in mid-winter. Contact e-mail: For more details, see website:

Diggers club Adelaide

The Diggers is a non-profit organisation based in Victoria which provides heirloom varieties of fruit and vegetables seeds as well as ornamental flowers. In Adelaide, the Diggers have a shop at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. They hold workshops and masterclasses on a regular basis. The Diggers offer membership, which provides discounted prices on purchases, a regular … Read more

Spouts for watering seedlings

Watering spouts that you can attach to drinks water bottles. They deliver an even slow pressure spray over seedlings. Available at Diggers store here at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. How to use Empty and thoroughly clean a soft drink or water bottle with compatible screw on-on lid. Fill bottle with water Screw on the spout … Read more