Sustainable Communities SA

Sustainable Communities SA is a non-profit organisation which promotes sustainable living in a community context. In the NPSP council, they operate the One Planet market, which meets monthly. See their web page for One Planet market times, location and contact details:

Re-earth the Cities

Margaret RainbowWeb has been maintaining the Re-Earth the Cities website for many years. It is a rich source of information about permaculture principles based on personal experience and research. In particular, visit Permaculture Journey.

Let the drumming begin

Since being involved in permaculture way back in 1995, permaculture gatherings came with a reasonable amount of drumming and chanting. There seemed to be a need amongst some participants to incorporate music and dance into the gatherings. Typically, the daytime would be taken up with presentations and demonstrations. As nighttime approached and after mealtime, out … Read more

Adapting to urban heat island

As the climate heats up, the urban environment heats up even more. Gerti Hatvani-Kovacs, one of John Boland’s PhD students,  will be on the Science Show on Radio National this Saturday at 12 noon, speaking on a topic : How to keep cool when the heat is on. If you miss the show, see the … Read more