Greening the verge

We hear about the loss of butterfly, native bee, and bird habitat but what can we do to restore native gardens in the suburbs? Many of us do not have the space to plant a native garden because there is no room in the front or back yards. You can, with permission from the council, create a native garden along the verge, the area between the kerb and the footpath. This land is owned by the council where you live. The councils must also abide by State legislation which controls how roads, footpaths and verges are developed and maintained.

Councils provide information on their respective websites to assist residents. Some councils, such as Unley and Norwood, Payneham, and St. Peters, and Port Adelaide Enfield encourage residents to plant out their verges with water wise gardens. All councils require completion of an application form which identifies the specific verge area in terms of suburb and street number. The more progressive councils have links to guides for plant selection. See links below to local government information on developing verge gardens.

The ABC Australia gardening programme maintains a website of segments of episodes related to verge gardening. These videos are specifically helpful in providing information about verge bed preparation, getting permission from councils, and plant selection for natives. Click this link to listen to ABC Gardening’s Josh Byrne discuss with gardeners in Western Australia how to go about developing a water wise verge garden:

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